• One of the most innovative digital environments world-wide, with more than 250 new companies launched each year.
  • Top multinational new media companies operate R&D facilities in Israel including Google, Facebook, AOL, eBay, Harmonic, OpenTV, PayPal, Yahoo,etc.
  • New Media and Internet companies export advanced services worth several billion U.S. dollars annually.


WAZE: The world's largest community-based traffic and navigation application, Waze has revolutionized commuting and travel.

  • Innovator of a GPS-enabled app that employs crowd sourcing to generate maps with up-to-the-minute traffic information.
  • The app has more than 500 million downloads and is used daily by millions of drivers around the world.
  • Purchased by Google in 2013 for more then $1 billion.

CHECK POINT: A pioneer and global leader in cyber-security, check Point is a major force in securing the digital sphere.

  • Innovator of the firewall and various others product concepts and patents that have become the basis for modern cyber security.
  • Market leader in cyber security and Enterprise Threat Management.
  • Serves 100% of Fortune 500 companies, more than 100K business enterprises and millions of private users worldwide.

LIGHTCYBER:  Leading the industry in developing a new category of IT security infrastructure called Active Breach Detection systems, which hunt down the attackers that circumvent legacy threat prevention systems.

  • Designed by cyber warfare experts.

  • LightCyber™ Magna is a new Active Breach Detection platform based on the recognition that legacy threat prevention systems can and will be circumvented by a targeted attacker, who can then operate with unfettered access to network resources – the Breach Detection Gap.

  • LightCyber Magna Active Breach Detection utilizes behavior-based profiling, not technical artifacts, to accurately detect active cyber attacks before damage is done.

  • Magna is powered by Multivariate Attack Detection, which identifies anomalous attack behavior throughout the entire attack lifecycle and is the only solution that incorporates both network (DPI) and endpoint (agentless) context.