• Israel has reached record highs in productivity per unit for dairy cattle, cotton, olives, and other products.
  • The Israeli vegetable seeds industry is considered “best in its class” and is at the forefront of the global effort to increase crop yield.
  • Israeli agro-tech and irrigation companies export more than $3 billion a year.


KAIIMA: Introduced a breakthrough technology in Agriculture Yield Enhancement that boosts crop productivity and helps solve the global food shortage.

  • Innovative, non-GMO Enhanced Ploidy (EP™) technology that multiplies the plant’s genome without compromising its basic integrity.
  • Creates varieties of key agricultural crops with increased yield, improved tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses, and more efficient land and water use.
  • Kaiima wheat achieves 15-30% more yield than the comparable control. 

EVOGENE: Develops a variety of plant genomic and biotechnology innovations that
accelerate crop productivity.

  • Uses cutting edge computational genomics to introduce new traits into crops, enhance native traits and develop novel agchemicals.
  • Collaborates with world leading seed companies to introduce superior, drought and disease resistant staple crops, like corn, soybean, wheat and rice.
  • Holds a portfolio of 23 product programs, with hundreds of new products in the pipeline, being developed through collaborative efforts.

TAL-YA: Develops trays that help farmers increase crop yield while decreasing resource consumption such as water, fertilizer and weed-killers.

  • Tal-Ya manufactures a unique, patented polypropelyne tray that covers the plant’s root system, directing water and fertilizer directly to the root, while protecting the earth around the root from weeds and extreme temperatures.
  • Tal-Ya trays accelerates the ripening of trees’ fruits and improves crop quality while reducing water consumption by 50% and fertilizer consumption by 30%.
  • Tal-Ya trays are reusable for up to six years and can easily be recycled.

AFIMILK: A global leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of advanced
computerized systems for the modern dairy farm.

  • Afimilk technologies enable the farmer to increase animal productivity while maintaining optimal expanse structure.
  • AfiFarm, an ERP system for advanced dairy farming and herd management, gathers real-time information and provides the dairy farmer with decision making tools for both the entire herd and individual cows.
  • Afimilk provides products and expert consultation in more than 50 countries on five continents.