• The world’s largest 3D printing company is in Israel
  • CuBox, the smallest computer in the world, was designed and manufactured in Israel
  • U.S. companies such as Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola have established manufacturing centers in Israel
  • Majority of products manufactured include computer processors, telecom technologies, pharmaceuticals, & defense machinery/technology


ADT (Advanced Dicing Technologies, Ltd.):  Development and manufacturing of systems, blades and processes used in the dicing of silicon-based ICs, Package Singulation and hard material Microelectronic Components (MEC).

ADVANCED VISION TECHNOLOGY (AVT) Ltd.: Developer and manufacturer of automatic inspection systems for web applications in the packaging, labels, folding cartons and commercial printing sectors.

  • AVT systems and those of its subsidiary Graphic Microsystems, Inc. (GMI) have almost 6000 installations worldwide.

 OMAT LTD: Development of advanced manufacturing and productivity technologies.

  • Based on innovative and patented technologies, Omative's line of Adaptive Control, Monitoring and metal cutting optimization products has earned worldwide industry recognition.
  • BIRD funded project between Omat and Fives Machining in June, 2015 to develop a Multi-objective machining process optimization system.

DEEPSENSE: Developing a deep learning system that maximizes industrial machine up-time. 

  • Accelerated by: Microsoft Ventures Accelerator
  • Deep learning system, Predictive failure analysis

ETTO STUDIO LTD.: Developing a unique solution for 3D molding (coined 3D-Prainting).

  • The company mainly focuses on the Development of a 3D Molding Machine (3DFM) that produces 3D art & design products from recycled Plastic.
  • Designs and creates unique and innovative pieces that are used to engage people and communicate a client’s message to their target audience.

HIGHCON SYSTEMS Ltd.: Developing transformational digital technology for the Folding Carton sector known as Direct to Pack. 
WeldObot is currently developing outdoor robotic systems for the welding industry.

  • Approved for a BIRD project in 2013 with U.S. company, Heller Industries to develop an innovative new welding device.


Source: BIRD (Bi-National Israel Research & Development Foundation).