A Creative & Inventive Culture

Ranked #1 globally for innovative capacity by IMD Global competitive year book 2013

Ranked #3 globally for innovation by WEF Global competitive yearbook 2013-2014

  • #1 for quality of scientific institutions
  • #3 for scientific infrastructure
  • #4 for technological infrastructure
  • Fast adoption of innovation


Source: WEF year book 2013-2014 ; IMD 2013

An Entrepreneurial DNA

Ranked #1 for density of startup ventures per capita
(2nd only to Silicon valley in total # of startups)

Tel-Aviv, Israel‘s business center, is ranked the 2nd best innovation ecosystem globally by The startup Ecosystem Report 2012

  • #1 for both country and business sector expenditure on R&D (as % of GDP)
  • Problem solving orientation
  • Immigrant society
  • High tolerance for failure